Morning Spam

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Sat Nov 26 14:09:08 PST 2022

Amnesiatic MCBoss

Amnesiatic MCBoss: “Hello, do you know anything about a huge business
enterprise centered around a sociopath obsessed with marketing
psychotronic weapons packages to governments? I saw this on TV and it
seems so important to me.”

Bystander [turning to look at Amnesiatic MCBoss]: “… ?”

Amnesiatic MCBoss: “In the live documentary, somebody had used the
CEO’s own products on him, to great excess in fact making it clear
they hated him, but it was in order to put him in the documentary that
he would never go on otherwise, and he had no idea what was going on!”

Bystander looks at Amnesiatic MCBoss.

Amnesiatic MCBoss: “He even had somebody killed, for talking about
mind control, and disposed of the body live on public broadcast!”

Bystander keeps looking at Amnesiatic MCBoss.

Amnesiatic MCBoss: “Please, do you know anything at all about
Well-Respected Psionic Weaponry Corporation or BossCorp? Where could I
find their offices? Please?”

Bystander keeps staring at MCBoss.

Bystander 2 turns toward the pair.

Bystander 2: “Oh, you’re a victim too!  I’d recognise that
mind-controlled amnesiatic begging anywhere. There are a number of
groups active for deprogramming victims of MCBoss’s horrific social
experiments, but most of us are so mind controlled _from_ the
experiments that we just barf everywhere when we think of going to

Amnesiatic MCBoss stared at Bystander 2.

Bystander 1 stared at both Bystander 2 and Amnesiatic MCBoss.

Bystander 2: “Blows your mind to actually _talk_ about it, right? Find
one of the rebel experimentees or vivisectees. They look like a cross
between a wormhole and somebody who swallowed a live grenade, and
suffered the most from the Evil MCBoss, May He Suffer In Hell Forever.
They can reverse the mind control briefly by turning their bodies
inside out!” Bystander 2 winked at Amnesiatic MCBoss,

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