Large datasets missing off for weeks

Douglas Lucas dal at
Sun Nov 20 16:29:59 PST 2022

> Regarding the first article, I have no way of knowing why it says
> that, but my understanding is that it is common for targeted groups to
> both have agents placed in them to redirect internal activities, and
> to also be misrepresented publicly.

So your theory is that if an individual or group has opponents, then 
they're off the hook should a credible accusation show up, because maybe 
the accusation isn't actually credible. Since all individuals and groups 
have opponents, they're all off scot free now, innocent of any credible 

There is a way of knowing why the article says that. It's an ancient 
technique called "reading."

I think bottom line, cypherpunks believes Assadnge can delete any leak, 
kick any source in the head, and assist any dictator, and it's justified 
becuase [insert fanboy bullshit here].

I'm ashamed to have wasted so much time on this list today. I'm 
de-subscribing. Jack off to narcissists deleting leaks and climbing the 
ladder by stepping on the heads of their sources yourselves.

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