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Wed Nov 16 10:02:06 PST 2022

NBC News Advises Parents To Keep Kids Away From "Unvaccinated Individuals"

As winter looms, NBC News has some top tips for parents who are
concerned about their children catching respiratory viruses… keep them
away from the dirty unvaccinated people.

In a recent segment, an infographic advised that those who want to
“protect” their children should wash hands, stay home, get vaccines
and “avoid physical interaction with unvaccinated individuals.”

There is no actual evidence that unvaccinated individuals are more at
risk of transmitting COVID or that the vaccines prevent the spread of
the virus, but never mind that inconvenient distraction.

The anchors then asked medical correspondent Dr. John Torres why more
children are now so susceptible to RSV (respiratory syncytial virus),
to which he responded “we don’t exactly know why.”

That is also not true, given that the CDC recently issued a report
highlighting how a record number of children are now being
hospitalised with common colds due to weakened immune systems.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Scott Roberts, a medical director at
Yale University stated that lockdowns impacted the ability of children
to build up immunity to common illnesses.

    “There are two implications to this,” the doctor said, explaining
“First, the gap gives time for the viruses to mutate even further to
cause more severe disease.”

    “And second, whatever immunity was built up to those viruses’ it
will have waned making the immune response now much less potent,”
Roberts added.

The doctor also noted that children, including his own son are now
getting “constant infections.”

The CDC data is consistent with research by scientists at Yale who
warned that it is not normal to see children with combinations of
seven common viruses, including adenovirus, rhinovirus, respiratory
syncytial virus (RSV), human metapneumovirus, influenza and
parainfluenza, as well as COVID-19.

But whatever, keeping your kids safely locked away at home and away
from the unvaccinated is the smart move.

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