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Thu Nov 10 15:20:48 PST 2022

Victorious Rand Paul Vows To "Subpoena Every Last Document Of Dr. Fauci"

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

After winning a decisive victory to secure his third term as Kentucky
Senator, Rand Paul promised to end the “COVID cover up,” by forcing
Anthony Fauci into court.

Paul told supporters that he intends to focus on uncovering the
evidence for COVID emerging from a lab, and whether it was manipulated
with funding from Fauci’s NIH.

    “Thanks for coming out to Dr. Fauci’s retirement party!” Paul joked.

    “I promise you this: the COVID cover-up will end,” the Senator
urged, adding “I will not only hold Dr. Fauci accountable, we will
finally investigate why your tax dollars were sent to fund dangerous
research in Wuhan.”

In a broader message during the speech Paul focused on freedom,
declaring that “Liberty should bring people together because each and
every citizen is left alone to enjoy their own personal freedoms.”

“Liberty is that great harmonizer that allows us to live together
despite our differences,” the Senator added.

“We don’t come together to rejoice in the dissipation of power. We
come together to reaffirm our support for the 10th Amendment — that
powers not explicitly granted to the federal government are retained
by the states and the people,” Paul further proclaimed.

The Senator continued, “We come together under the belief that
government is instituted among men and women to preserve our God-given
liberty — period! Our desire is not to rule over others but to largely
leave people alone. It is this system of constitutional checks on
power that has allowed America to become the free-est nation ever

    “With freedom has come great prosperity. But we do not choose
freedom because it makes us rich. We choose freedom because it is part
of our very nature,” Paul said.

“Liberty, or the absence of government intrusion, should allow people
of widely differing beliefs to live together, each according to their
own beliefs,” Paul further urged, adding “To preserve this liberty, we
must especially defend the freedoms our Founding Fathers chose to put
first in the Bill of Rights: the freedom of speech, the freedom of
religion, the freedom to associate with whomever you choose.”

Paul also called for an end to censorship, noting that “While the
First Amendment does not prohibit private censorship, our founders
certainly prized free speech.”

“One can only imagine our founder’s reaction to see government
actively engaged with private enterprise to censor speech. To protect
free speech, Congress must, absolutely must, prohibit government’s
collusion with Big Tech,” the Senator averted, adding “The greatest
originator of misinformation, the government, cannot be the arbiter of

“Both Left and Right need to wake up and acknowledge that government —
should never be allowed to create any entity that even resembles a
Ministry of Truth,” Paul warned.

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