Cryptocurrency: "Crypto Bros" Lobbying Congress Prevent Regulation... FTW!

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Nov 15 12:57:40 PST 2022

Speak the only language they know... this my bros is how it's done!
Bribery, buy them out, fill their coin wallets with lots of cryptocurrency,
show them its magical properties, a Swiss Bank Account on their
phone... they'll never legislate anything against the Crypto-Voluntary
future once they've got a few solid cryptos in their wallet, and will
be too busy checking the price every hour to fuck anything or
anyone else over either, lol ;) No Regulators !!!

You don't need Regulation to mommy coddle you, what you need
is to wake up and Educate Yourself, then make intelligent choices
in the free market.

    US Congressman Says ‘Crypto Bros’ Preventing Legislation by Flooding
                         Washington With Lobbying Money

   US Congressman Brad Sherman is calling out FTX executives for flooding
   Washington, D.C. with excessive lobbying efforts that have stymied crypto
   regulation legislation.

   The Democratic congressman says he now plans to explore federal
   legislation that would add regulations to the crypto space after the
   collapse of digital asset exchange FTX.

   Sherman, who is Chairman of the Subcommittee on Investor Protection and
   Capital Markets, says in a statement that regulations on crypto have not
   advanced due to the tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions
   and lobbying efforts spent by FTX executives.

   “In the coming weeks, I also plan to work with my colleagues in Congress
   to examine options for federal legislation. To date, efforts by
   billionaire crypto bros to deter meaningful legislation by flooding
   Washington with millions of dollars in campaign contributions and lobbying
   spending have been effective. A great deal of attention has been given to
   former FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried’s, political donations to Democrats;
   most of that was spent in primaries (mostly unsuccessfully), not to help
   Democrats beat Republicans. However, we have also seen Ryan Salame, the
   co-CEO of Bahamas-based FTX Digital Markets, donate over $23 million to
   Republican candidates and campaign groups in 2022.

   When you examine FTX efforts to influence Washington, you have to look at
   both CEOs, not just the eccentric guy wearing the shorts.”

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