[ot][painful] Fwd: kill tyourself, you motherfucking piece of shit

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Nov 11 00:07:23 PST 2022

Look Semich - much as I hate to agree with J and G on anything they have seen enough of you to sum you up correctly.

You're a bad-faith bullshit artist who hates cryptoanarchy and want to sabotage it. 

So killing yourself now will save us all the trouble of tracking you down and killing you ourselves ( or paying some contractor to kill you - and maybe anyone close to you at the time )

You are a piece of shit and you should be dead - a dead deadshit eventually stinks less than a live one.

KILL YOURSELF Karl - suicide is painless - research on nitrogen or long falls.

Just DIE already!

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