[ot][painful] Fwd: kill tyourself, you motherfucking piece of shit

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 22:21:46 PST 2022

punk sent this to me personally, so i infer there may be real emotions
behind it.

he says he can't receive messages from gmail.com, so it would make
sense for me to get better at using a different provider, to make it
work out. _this would be good for me to do regardless_. but it's
pretty hard to plan making things right with punk without respecting

i did receive another lengthy mailbomb a couple nights ago, don't know
if it's related, but to 0xloem at gmail.com, not gmkarl at gmail.com . it
made it hard to find my invitation to the philosophy forum.

i'm never completely sure if insults are for strategic impact from a
group, or emotional from an individual, in this environment.  it's
very confusing !!!

additional things that give me pause include:
- "kill yourself": i've received real pressure to do this, and this
reminds of that. such things come across as strategic because i have a
history of suicide attempts.
- there is no message body. in the physical world, angry tirades often
come with large expressions as to their content, rants and direct

but given how my relation with punk has gone poorly in past months, it
makes sense to take this more seriously.

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Subject: kill tyourself, you motherfucking piece of shit
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