Wikileaks: Julian Assange - Journalism, Leaks, Collateral Murder, Censorship

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Nov 2 03:05:59 PDT 2022

" Going dark ’ is a frightening prospect for many and without better OSINT combined with ubiquitous APster markets, people are right to be afraid. Just look at the congregation of nutcase lunatics clustered around Btc at the moment. Jesus Fucking Christie.
Should the Mange present in court as a journalist / publisher seeking free-speech protection he may be cross examined on these statements of his that he is a spy and/ or a combatant in a war and a war propagandist. Media practitioners and their advocates routinely emphasize the civilian and protected nature of their professional work when reporting on armed conflict. They never claim to be spies and/or warfighters.
Any argument Assmange is a journalist - publisher confronts statements of his that contradict this. For example. That WL are ‘spies for the people’ and that the organization is a peoples intelligence agency. Journalism has rules, ethics; espionage has no rules/ethics.
Then - around 2012-4 - Assmange suggest a ’ proper war is commencing’, calls for ’ acts of resistance’ and sez WL is a ‘combatant’.
Journalists are neither combatants, nor spies. They are civilian non-combatants

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