Julian Assange, Rapist?

zeynep at keemail.me zeynep at keemail.me
Tue May 31 01:15:36 PDT 2022

Hi all;

I've given up protecting Assange against these idiots because you can't be kind-hearted to these imbeciles. These accusations against Assange were all about revenge on him, destroying his career. Julian Assange is being punished because he is someone all too rare these days-a journalist who tells the truth and courageously exposes the crimes of governments, giant corporations and other powerful organisations. The rape charges were all about the meaning of the word rape in the Swedish judiciary. Everyone here knows it's about safe sex, and the complaint that those women made afterwards is totally malevolent . As someone who's been sexually abused before, I'd like to say I didn't wait this long to file a complaint. It takes a lot of thinking to accuse someone like that. I thought I was the victim, and that person was punished. Like any human being, his personal life could be his mistakes . Of course, safe sex is a human right, but unless it's a conspiracy to harm the person afterwards. But I prefer to look at the big picture in the case. The reason why the rats here don't like Assange is because he hit their governments with a blow that won't be forgotten. And Assange's criticism is very close to mine, and I find him right about some things. Especially about rats.

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