[ot][spam][crazy] inhibition efforts: daily behaviors

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Thu May 19 02:37:07 PDT 2022

i tried the android app "fabulous" once, it didn't work for me.

this seems to be what I need to not trigger avoidance of a behavior:
- continued repetition of a baseline to establish a norm
- increase the baseline only after it is well-established
- a way for me to give feedback on how easily i am able to continue a baseline
- if the baseline does not repeat, reduce it to something that can

[model: there are different 'states of mind' that can hold different
responses around a behavior. the purpose of repetition is to get all
of the states of mind on board with the behavior.]

that's simple, easy to code something that prompts/reminds this

other preferences:
- logging
- integrated schedule/goal system would be ideal

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