Catalonia as a haven for cryptocurrency.

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon May 9 10:15:41 PDT 2022

When this issue was in the news I noticed the Journalist, Assmange run increased risks on its behalf.
He was already on the bad side of his Ecuadorian hosts and they were giving him repeated warnings not to meddle in any foreign countries political affairs. 
( Examples available on request - Lenin Moreno personally warned Assmange to STFU )
Now the Journalist, Mange has gone from recommending Russian security for Embassy details to supporting covert net communications in free Ukraine it might be interesting to see if Camp Assange members like the Nazi, Israel Shamir and Red-Fascist's, Tariq Ali and John Pilger break conclusively with him.
He's a long way from 'revolutionary cypherpunk' Kansas now and bourgeois journalists are a glut on the market. BTW crypto prices have moved back roughly where they were when Camp Assange liquidated their aprox 30 mill holdings. 
IF it emerges the JOURNALIST has lost his openly fascist entourage THEN it becomes easier for us all here to proffer some limited TACTICAL support in his legal proceedings.
They appear ripe for graymail delays and possibly even mistrial and dismissal motions.
Low hanging fruit for all the lawfare wonks.  The CIA trial of Josh Shulte is instructive in this respect.  Say ' Hi There ' to Joshua.

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