EFF is the pentagon - shocking

punk punks at tfwno.gf
Mon May 2 23:22:14 PDT 2022

On Tue, 3 May 2022 07:59:38 +0200
Revevilgod God <revevilgod at gmx.com> wrote:

> > 	what do you think Revevilgod God?
> I want you to know, I think the people here made a big mistake. They responded to you by caring about you here. 

	there are no people here - only US government agents.

>If you haven't noticed, you've been fighting with everyone years. They argue in a different way without insulting each other, except for you

	They don't argue. They just spam US propaganda. Like you are doing with your EFF nonsense.

> Why do you repeat yourself like a parrot?

	I'm simply commenting on the endless stream of spam. Also, I'll change my description of the situation if the situation changes. 

> Also, I don't think you're happy. There's probably problems with your social life.

	So you're psychobabbling now? That's really unexpected! Why don't you post an actual, reasoned comment regarding the claims about 'war crimes' made by the pentagon, SORRY, I mean the 'eff'

	Here is the relevant material again, but this time, address the facts instead of making pointless comments about me. 


	"Platforms are taking down content that may be valuable to the public and that could even be used as evidence in future trials for war crimes. This has been an ongoing issue for years that continues amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine" 

	is the EFF talking about the ukrainian nazis murdering ukrainians who are 'colaborators'...? 

	What do you think Revevilgod God - where the FUCK is the EFF getting their 'information' about 'war crimes'? 

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