One of the projects I have been working on.

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jun 6 00:37:06 PDT 2022

>> When Satoshi Nakamoto put it on this list


>> is to fool people with this stupid article and make them donate.

Trolling is profitable in these days of Eternal Spring.

>   though some are borderline insane, and some have gone well beyond that...

Who are those people Mr. '...', or are you
too coward to speak that, to debate what exactly
is some really insane things in this world?

>> I think most of the people on this list are currently against bitcoin.

Not private, not fungible, not a p2p electronic cash system.
It doesn't meet some of cypherpunk qualifications, which may be
why Satoshi worked it on Metzger's list full of statists. Even
His Highness Wright says Bitcoin is friends with the State.

> Ponzi-style investment

Ponzi has nothing to do with Bitcoin,
only morons try to make that argument.

> it wastefully
> turns a whole lot of energy and other resources into nothing useful

Same with this argument. Debunked, thoroughly, repeatedly, by many.

> no mechanism to refund fraud or error

Sounds like a personal problem, so get off non-repudiables
and go use any of the 1000's of GovCorp babysitter coins,
including the apparently still beloved Fiat.

> no longer seen as a thing to be admired?

Bitcoin's protocol is baked, any admiration is a historical
remembrance now, in time new protocols have more potential
to usurp the front position.

> agenda
> a better purpose.

Hardly better purpose than develop a p2p cash that
works and is not subject to the State. BTC is not those,
yet there are probably some potential candidates out there.

> Though I do wish I had bought some bitcoins early on ...

If Bitcoin-BTC survives in top-5 it will likely hit at least
4x somewhere before it's 25th birthday. It's main
challenger is it's own deprecation. Buy it, or not.

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