Prognosis negative

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Aug 16 00:30:06 PDT 2022

Dear Karl
I'm responding to your simulacrum-of-sincerity letter being convinced enough by it to swap out your summary death sentence for a kneecapping - one ping only.
I take you admit you have a problem and are willing to change in order to minimize it.
That represents progress - however small - and opens up the path to a win-win solution all round.
Sustained over a long enough period - say two Friedman Units - I'll even be recommending to council that your deadpool be converted to a trust-fund. We might spend at least part of that time finding you a FOSS coders space that is not as triggering as anarchist political-economy. and perhaps part as friends together forever - wealthy and wise.
Yrs in that spirit - PR

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