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Tue Aug 16 02:08:55 PDT 2022

hey PR it's nice to receive something that sounds positive from you !

On 8/16/22, professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:
> Dear Karl
> I'm responding to your simulacrum-of-sincerity letter being convinced enough
> by it to swap out your summary death sentence for a kneecapping - one ping
> only.
> I take you admit you have a problem and are willing to change in order to
> minimize it.

During my experience of undue influence I failed to connect positively
with the people influencing me. I hope this means you have heard that
I do not want to make bad waves for you or get in the way of anything
important, or get hurt, but I don't know what the issue is.

> That represents progress - however small - and opens up the path to a
> win-win solution all round.
> Sustained over a long enough period - say two Friedman Units - I'll even be

I looked this up and assume you mean you want me to do something I am
already doing for one year. I'm not sure what it is I am doing you

> recommending to council that your deadpool be converted to a trust-fund. We
> might spend at least part of that time finding you a FOSS coders space that
> is not as triggering as anarchist political-economy. and perhaps part as

I'm getting a little confused here.

I'm planning to stay on this list for now. Somebody needs to remember
the fallen. I'm pretty upset with myself if my behavior is preventing
me from collaborating on work with others; I need collaborative work.

I originally wrote the following and then rethought it, because I
think it is missing something important: [I participated in
communicide on this list, and I'm tasked with protecting anarchists
going forward, once I can make decisions on my own. I certainly don't
want to trigger anybody.]

> friends together forever - wealthy and wise.
> Yrs in that spirit - PR

Be well, PR .

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