" Authoritarians who perpetrate human rights violations should be repelled by any and all means necessary "

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Aug 12 17:55:02 PDT 2022

Something several cypherpunks have already been jailed for. SEAR


" . . . In the final part of his essay, Bell posits a market that is largely non-anonymous. He contrasts this version with the one previously described. Carl Johnson's attempt to popularise the concept of assassination politics appeared to rely on the earlier version.[6] There followed an attempt to popularise the second in 2001 that is ongoing today  ..  ."

And hows that going, I hear youse snark?

Well, since 2010 I have been calling on the USG to surrender to the anarchic internet ( represented by me for the time being )  They were supposed to show this by releasing all Drug War prisoners and bringing back the PAM FutureMaps markets that were to handle the rest of their abject surrender  - then  - since Donald Dumbfucks reign of error - I added a further condition that they specifically mention ' APster " as a reason for doing the other two things. My patience is not endless.

As you all know - since 2010 cryptoanarchy has gotten much stronger and they have gotten much weaker.

On the hot-button issue of alleged left-anarchist ' violence ' I merely note the wisdom of Oliver Tambo . . . 

" Its those who make peaceful change impossible who make violent revolution inevitable "

Welcome to the revolution.

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