Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Aug 8 00:35:35 PDT 2022
“I am suing the government ( @POTUS , @CDCgov , Fauci, etc) for
colluding with Twitter , facebook , LinkedIn and YouTube to censor our
free speech during the pandemic. - Dr. Martin Kulldorff"

DC Schools Will Expel Students Who Choose Not to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Remember when the governments of the world mandated a vaccine. Forced
it through your work, family or even bribed you? We got free kfc here
and some vouchers if we got it. Its a pretty big deal as the vaccines
did nothing good. But people seem to either not care or have memory
loss now.
If i got the jab once, twice, three times or 4 and still got sick i
would feel ripped off and a complete tool. I would be so mad with
myself and with the people that pressured me into getting it. Why is
no one calling them out. Is it because people that got vaccinated
still think it was the right choice? Life is never going back to how
it was, 2 weeks was 2 years ago.

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