[ot][spam][wrong] karl's attempt to go outdoors or change his name

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 02:21:21 PDT 2021

It's the night of 9/1, the morning of 9/2, 5:17a and I've been indoors for
some hours.

I came indoors at night some days ago panicing from a bell's palsy issue.
My eye hurt; it got better.

Tonight I came in from the rain.  My sleeping bag was getting pretty wet.
I wasn't managing it well, and I was frustrated with the difficulties
controlling my body without a light to see by or a way to keep my things
dry.  Situation could be eased enough by setting up a raised tarp or
clearing the truck out enough to lay down.

Right now, it seems over time to go outdoors.  The rain has stopped for
some time.  I can be in my truck, or wear warm thick wool, to be outdoors
in the dark wet that is soon to be morning if not already.

My resistance parts are exhausted.  Really exhausted.

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