DOJ and FBI have combined to destroy project veritas

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The DOJ and FBI have combined to destroy Project Veritas
November 13, 2021
By Andrea Widburg  Project Veritas Raided w
James O'Keefe

Project Veritas uses hidden camera techniques to expose corruption,
dishonesty, anarchy, and totalitarian impulses in American
institutions.  Given the times in which we live, that means Project
Veritas is usually exposing leftists and their organizations.  It's
almost certainly not a coincidence, then, that the FBI engaged in a
series of early-morning raids against Project Veritas employees and
its founder, James O'Keefe, ostensibly because, a year ago, they
possessed, but refused to use (and gave to law enforcement), a diary
that we now know belonged to Joe Biden's pathetic, drug-addicted
daughter, Ashley.

It's even less of a coincidence that the New York Times immediately
knew about the raids and later published Project Veritas's
confidential correspondence with its attorneys.  What we're witnessing
is a political hit job that would be completely at home in any
penny-ante, third-world, tin pot tyranny β€” in other words, welcome to
Biden's America.

The story starts with Ashley Biden, a Biden child almost as pathetic
as Hunter.  Like her brother, she has had drug problems, including an
arrest for marijuana possession (although, big surprise, the charges
were dropped) and a video purportedly showing her using cocaine at a

Over a year ago, the louche Ashley ended up in a drug rehabilitation
center and reported that her diary was stolen while she was there.
Tipsters approached Project Veritas, claiming to have a copy of the
diary, which, they said, Ashley had abandoned or forgotten when she
left the clinic.  Unable to determine whether the diary was even real,
Project Veritas tried to give it to Ashley's attorney, who refused it.
Project Veritas then gave it to law enforcement.  It never published
the diary.

Eventually, the National File released the document.  It made a bit of
a splash because the diary refers to Ashley's belief that she was
sexually abused as a child; talks about inappropriate showers with
Daddy Joe; and discusses drug abuse, marital affairs, and more.  It's
the pathetic document of a damaged person raised by a sleazy parent.

All that was a year ago.  And then, last week, the FBI engaged in
pre-dawn, knock-the-door-down raids on Project Veritas reporters:

Think about that: we're talking about a common theft, something that
belongs under the jurisdiction of the local cops, but the DOJ and FBI
come together to engage in aggressive raids on a journalism outfit
that has a habit of exposing problems in the administration's allies.

As O'Keefe explains in the video above, the FBI also told Project
Veritas to stay silent about what happened to it, yet, within an hour
of one of the raids, The New York Times was seeking comments from the
reporter who was raided.  Even more shockingly, the FBI then raided
James O'Keefe's home and seized his papers and his phones.

And then, once again, in an amazing coincidence, the New York Times
published an article attacking Project Veritas β€” and supported the
article with documents that matched those seized from O'Keefe during
the FBI raids.  Did the FBI give those documents to the Times?  Who
knows?  I certainly don't, but, as I said, it's an amazing
coincidence.  Others are pretty sure about what really happened:

    The FBI is leaking attorney-client privileged files to a party
adverse to Project Veritas in a civil lawsuit.

    This is not a grey area.

    It’s black letter criminal felonies committed by the FBI and the
New York Times.
    β€” Cernovich (@Cernovich) November 12, 2021

The Times attack incidentally, tried to smear Project Veritas by
pointing out that it consults with lawyers regarding its
investigations.  That's not something shocking; that's something all
investigative outfits do.  Moreover, it's noteworthy that the Times
knowingly reviewed Project Veritas's legal documents while it is a
defendant in a defamation suit Project Veritas filed against it.

Project Veritas was able to get an order stopping the FBI from
breaking into O'Keefe's phone, but of course, that was very much
closing the barn door after all the horses had been slaughtered and

To summarize, Project Veritas has embarrassed the Democrats in the
past and is obviously planning to do so in the future.  It's also
suing The New York Times.  A year ago, it refused to touch a diary
that a drug addict abandoned in a rehab clinic.  The drug addict just
happens to be the daughter of the man occupying the Oval Office.  So
now the DOJ authorizes the FBI to raid Project Veritas, and, oh, so
coincidentally, The New York Times gets tipped off about the raids and
suddenly comes into possession of documents of the same type seized in
the raids.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.  The Biden administration
isn't a presidency in the traditional American sense.  It's proving
itself to be a criminal enterprise and a despotic regime that is using
the power it obtained following a questionable election to destroy its
political opponents.  This is un-American, and, as I keep saying, it
cannot end well.

(By the way, my pronouns today are "Aren't you glad you're not one of
Biden's children?" and "America is on a precipice."  What are your

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