Poland Latvia Lithuania and More Under Globalist Assault by Migrant Pawns

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 20:03:45 PST 2021

The place here is a friendly peaceful voluntary thing,
there's a border around it, it's marked no-tresspassing.
And not least because you Juan are an asshole and
liar agent fuckwit internet troll who doesn't know shit,
and think you have the right to enter, raise ruckus,
harass, and steal crash destroy other people's shit,
if you cross it as such you will be forcibly removed,
and if you're dumb enough to put your
raging foot across any threshold therein,
you will be rendered dead in self defense.
Those are the rules of this anarchy sans external rulers.
Be nice for an invite, or fuck off back to filterland.

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