Cryptocurrency: National Health services are like Govt Shitcoins

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Nov 9 20:59:39 PST 2021

> At least in one key respect  - they make an almost perfect Gestapo-style surveillance possible.
> So crypto-anarchism now requires an international health-service with privacy for the poor and transparency for the powerful.  Covid-19 may not be the last, since it was not the first, and CCP fascist scumbags still dominate the Chinese empire.
> This could be a step in this direction - caveat lecter

McAfee was one of the first outspoken promoters
of Decentralized Health between patient and doctor
with Docademic. With distributed free markets free
from central Govt regulation yet subject to freespeech reviews,
it should be obvious that many new good health options
will develop... from all varieties of insurance models, to
efficient inexpensive direct patient-doctor private care, to
real charity, just like it was before the advent of GovCorp
socialized insurance scam 60+ or so years ago. Thus
decentralized health will be both an advancement and
a return to normal.

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