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arright let's check out this libusb thing i've seemed unable to address for
2 days.

one of the issues is that there are a lot of paths forweard and I keep
switching between them, always deciding a different one is better, never
making progress.


one solution to having many approaches is to make a different worktree for
every approach.
`git worktree` lets you make different worktrees inside the same git

another solution is to pick one for a nonrelated reason such as being the
first one, and stick to it hard.

i'll probably try the worktree one here, unfortunately.


I have some existing code open that is an offhand rebase of my code onto
the new main tree.  it has 2-3 prominant bugs, one of them kind of

what it comes down to, is that i'm not sure how to initialize the javavm
pointer in the new setup, and here writing seems like it could be pretty

the android javavm pointer is passed in by the user right now, as a libusb

1323 and i'm having chest contractions

the issue is: the pre-init options are now passed to the backend twice.
once when the user sets them.  and now a second time before the backend is
initialised.  this lets the library manage defaults in some way.

i'm going to review the code that passes them on the first time.  after
writing it to this list, the first time seems kind of unnecessary.

1328 I have a "master" worktree already.

oops.  I jostled my phone cable because the phone wasn't charging.  it is
now charging but my usb hub developed an issue and my raid array

looks like only one disk possibly went down


1330 mdadm is misbehaving, but my libusb code is not on the raid array, so
i'll ignore the issue for now


I found the libusb call I want to inspect.  my arms try to move away from
the system, so I dissociate and find a way to at least get them near, then
dissociate again to do the task with them.

it looks to me like this redundant call could be removed to retain the same
functionality.  if i'm going to try that out, I'd likely want to test the
changes.  the guy who did the fix contributed a test app in a different

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