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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 11:03:50 PDT 2021


k I visited the pr page and a visitor actually figured out how to make the
branch work which is a huge relief

i'm going to keep poking at this anyway.

my intent when visiting was to find that test app.  still haven't found
it.  also the visitor mentioned something i'm not aware of that I forgot to
ask about. oops.



still trying to find my way to that test app.  at least i'm here in this
email composition window again.  not too lost.



I didn't find the link to the repository but ended up finding it in the
user's repository list, at https://github.com/harbulot/LibUsbAndroidIssue942
.  let's clone it!


okay um
- internet not up on system to clone
- I already have a different test app cloned here it seems

i'll get this test app too I guess.


yay internet came up without issue

it's downloading the gradle version the dev used
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