U.S. lawyers tell UK court Assange can safely be extradited

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 00:07:54 PDT 2021

Part of the problem in some cases where the defendant
is, or is being, physically or mentally, incapable or put
under duress... is that they can lose cognitive control over
their case and legal team, such team may then take on a
autopilot life and issues of their own, or of someone else's
manufactured or desired cause and issue of the day imparted
into the the case, rather than the defendants best interests.

Part of knowing is an assessment, does
whichever defendant wish to fight, or do they
just want out, or want other terms, and at what
point and direction are they freely changing
if any, on such intention as things progress.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the system,
priviledge, ongoing case and negotiations, etc...
such defendants wishes at any point aren't usually
known to the public.

Not suggesting that's the case with Assange,
that is for others to know and consider,
but only that it can and does happen.


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