Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat May 29 01:48:18 PDT 2021

>        "Covid-19’s threat is not a conspiracy, any more than Covid-19 itself. It is not the result of media hype

Perhaps some eco-hippie-left-anarchos are too stoned
on purple haze to see the media for the agent it is.

> any more than it is the product of Bill Gates’ brain or transmitted from 5G towers.

Gates deep in that game too.
5G, no.

> It is the direct consequence of severe ecological destruction and capitalism’s toxic living conditions"

News reversals coming out that US/Fauci with China
funded initial 'gain of function' research etc, some MilGov
interests and actions were also involved, the China lab
folks did catch their own bug, etc.

That's intentional fuckery by toxic governments causing
the worlds destructions and problems as they always do.
Not really by 'not living in tune with nature',
which otherwise could have a point.

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