COVID-19 Fake Vaccine Causing Magnitism

Se7en se7en at
Sat May 15 09:55:47 PDT 2021

On 21-05-15 12:42:32, Karl wrote:
> I received the Pfizer vaccine.  It included misleading marketing
> showing the corporation was valuing profit over public health.  I
> have not checked my arm for magnitism _yet_.  How strong a magnet
> did you use?

I used a basic refrigerator magnet. I used a few of them. 

> My experience is that when iron particles rust, they lose their
> magnetism.  Iron is also a nutrient.

The incredibly biased snopes article claims that the ingredients list
shows no metal substances. However, the links to consent forms
provided are not legally valid, and the ingredients that are listed are
often times vague. For example, for Moderna it claims the first
ingredient is "Recombiant". "Recombiant" is not an ingredient, it is
a type of organism. As I said on GNU Social, You can't put Orange into
a food and call it a "Citrus-based Seed Distribution System". While no
metal substances are listed, I do not trust this list of ingredients,
nor do I consider the listed ingredients in any way representative of
what's actually in them.

> This topic is totally ludicrous (its only evidence and relevance is an
> emotionally-charged video) and I would like it to have a tag indicating so,
> so that we don't worsen the situation when others read it.

This is a public email forum. Perhaps we should tag all of our emails
to the point that they are Megabytes long with 90% of the email being
the Keyword header. 

> If I send you equipment to test the site with, can you report the field
> strength to the rest of us?

Yes, I would be willing to do that with my grandfather's consent,
however I feel this offer isn't real.

> Are you able to control your behavior online to your satisfaction?

I don't understand what this question is attempting to ask. It implies
that I consider my online behavior uncontrolled, and potentially in
need to be controlled. 

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