COVID-19 Fake Vaccine Causing Magnitism

Karl gmkarl at
Sat May 15 09:42:32 PDT 2021

- I received the Pfizer vaccine.  It included misleading marketing showing
the corporation was valuing profit over public health.  I have not checked
my arm for magnitism _yet_.  How strong a magnet did you use?

- My experience is that when iron particles rust, they lose their
magnetism.  Iron is also a nutrient.

- This topic is totally ludicrous (its only evidence and relevance is an
emotionally-charged video) and I would like it to have a tag indicating so,
so that we don't worsen the situation when others read it.

- If I send you equipment to test the site with, can you report the field
strength to the rest of us?

- Are you able to control your behavior online to your satisfaction?
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