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Thu May 6 06:19:11 PDT 2021

IP2:  Ha.  It's pretty obvious you're pretending to be TV, too.  They were
nothing like you and had a mole on their noise.

TVD looked surprised and scared.

TVD:  What you guys are doing here is incredibly dangerous.  You are like
children playfully handing guns to covert people who have kidnapped them,
thinking these people are friends of their family.

IP2:  Covert people, you say?

TVD:  If I don't get replaced, you needed to run.  Here's what everyone
needs to know:  don't talk about hiding your information, yourselves, your
friends, or certainly not anybody in another country, in front of us, if
you ever want to be able to actually do it.  Don't talk about anyone else
who can do that, if you want them to ever be able to.  Don't even talk
directly about what is real.  People who aren't protecting you and your
family, will act on what is real, if you talk about it.  And then you and
your family can get hurt.

IP:  That's ridiculous.  The guy you were pretending to be, hid me all the
time, back when he was alive.  We chatted like it was a party!

TVD looked at IPD pointedly:  You mean me?

IP:  I mean the man I saw die, not you.  Our children play hide and seek
all the time, and many are experts!  Do you remember what I said in the

IP was getting a little scared.

TVD looked at IP as if they had accidentally shot an innocent clown on a
unicycle, instead of taking out a sniper who had now fired.

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