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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu May 6 01:49:02 PDT 2021

The below text is in my gmail drafts.  In my memory, I was pretty sure I
had further revised it and sent it.  However, here it is as only a
half-revised draft, somehow.  Storing on the list to close my weird

You're already hosed because I posted this idea to this list, but here it

In the destination country, get a job in something like machine learning or
cryptography so that working with weird stuff fits your profile.

Encrypt data into normal conversation like an experienced criminal would.
Perhaps you could independently train GPT-2 on a huge shared secret.

Send conversation to an innocuous recipient via a public channel.

Intended recipient acquires text from public channel.  Can reply to a
either innocuous recipient or communication channel.  Replies as the

Could do website behavior knocking (click links on a host in a pre-arranged
or cryptographic order) if you needed an out-of-band channel.

The situation has a lot of unknown parameters.  Get a common job and use
your new laptop for two years before beginning communications.
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