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>Boeing increases black representation to 20%, a 6% racist quota above population metrics.
This seems to me the kind of oversimplification that people point out when talking about the wage gap between men and women, don’t really see why that’s remarkable to you.

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> In the Biden administration, follow the science takes second place to
> follow the campaign donations from teachers unions"...
> What both sides fail to recognize is the economic reality of any
> and all state actions, a reality pointed out to us by Murray Rothbard
> in his 1956 article
> We can only say that 'social welfare' (or better, 'social utility')
> has increased [sic] due to a change, if no individual is worse off
> because of the change (and at least one is better off).
> We can only know anything about someone's value scale by observing
> actual decisions they make, usually in a market exchange.
> All this leads to the following two conclusions:
> (1) the free market always increases social utility, and
> (2) the government can never increase social utility.
> The plan is to restrict the free market, the only mechanism capable of
> promoting the general welfare, and expand the role of the government,
> an institution that can never promote the general welfare.
> Boeing increases black representation to 20%,
> a 6% racist quota above population metrics.
> President Biden is coming under fire from both sides of the aisle
> for constantly wearing a mask despite announcing that vaccinated
> people no longer require face coverings when outdoors. In other
> words, it's simply virtue signaling at this point.
> The total amount of government transfer payments now a record 34%.
> That's right: a third of all US household income is now from the
> state. Marx would be proud.
> "Biden never worked a real job or business a day in his life,
> over 50 years living off money he and his Govt cronies
> stole from you. Think about that..."
> It is not a crime to be ignorant of economics but it is totally
> irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic
> subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.
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