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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 06:34:08 PDT 2021


I think it makes sense to work with large images in chunks for now, since
they are being shuffled over the network.

It would be nice to select randomly or such ordered chunks to upload, which
is doable.

So.  Guess I'll want to test a hashing system.  It will need debugging and
will become overdeveloped.

File comes in.  Source-index-size-date.bin


source_index_size_date.bin .  Makes the date easier to extract.

confused and spasms.  Lotus import finished.  Made a sum script, was
working on a check script.

Goal: see what happens when lotus tries to deal too much data

0850 it's spinning "calculating data size" to start dealing it



I've spent a little time on the check script.  lotus is still "calculating
data size" .  More spasms.

Goal: relates cksum and sum not supporting bsd-style tagging.  Skip them
somehow without making script too complex.


It would be nice if the data was summed before writing.  A silly habit.


I'm considering that I may need a more powerful system to store this data
before I lose it.



I have some basic scripts on my side raid, which is mounted on /media/usb.
The scripts are in /img .


Inhibition, distractive behaviors
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