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How to write the sum files to make checking easy?

So, data comes in.  Sum file goes parallel to other data leaves.  We could
give it the same name if other sums had a name that always sorted after or

We could give it a different extension.  Like .sum and .sums or such.

My autocorrect turned sumsum into sums.  Not often I accept what it does.
Sometimes it has me capitalise words in the middle of sentences and such.

0940 using .check for single files

So, then we can sum all the .check files into a further file I suppose.


Ok um



./check *.checks *.check # seems to work fine

When making new .checks files, increment a counter by 1 or such
Maybe we can use date

Date works

Ok when making new check files, in theory we only need the last created
one, and the one just made.


My scripts could be simplified if one read from stdin instead of a file.


Oops!  It seeks to 0 repeatedly.  That wasn't the right idea.


Ok the system is busy testing stuff.



Okay, I'm testing a little now.  Hashing a lot of data takes ages on a
raspberry pi.  The current script is written to do all the hashes and move
forward when they are done, but the user really would want some string to
verify with before it is done.

With the current file approach, that could mean a separate file for the
first hash, or each hash.

It might be more organised to hash based on lines rather than filenames.

Meanwhile, my lotus client finished a task.


ERROR: generating unsealed CID: Piece is larger than sector.

So, filecoin needs data in 32GiB chunks at the largest.  I can delete my
64GiB test files.

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