[ot][spam][personal] Behavioral/Rambling Brownian Motion towards Subgoals

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 04:37:49 PDT 2021


I don't know filecoin well, but using chain.love as a lotus-lite endpoint
seems to make it hard to discern things.  I can't search the chain for

lotus state miner-info f0410001
gives an "actor not found" error

lotus state lookup --reverse f0410001
gives an "unknown actor code" error



Private keys are long random byte strings.

I don't immediately see a way in the cli interface to renegotiate a deal.
The approach appears to be to simply redeal the data, even with the same

I'm holding a goal of pursuing programmatic access to data via e.g.
git-annex, rclone, or minio.  I think a simple implementation that calls
the cli would not be hard.

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