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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 03:06:21 PDT 2021

0548 EST

My helloworld file can be downloaded with:
lotus client retrieve --miner=f0410001
mAVWg5AIgUd/Nluuc/s1epmCzCM4jYr/HnSIAapkx1TvRT2u6xkU helloworld.txt

It cost me up to around 0.01 FIL to provide downloading for an unfamiliar
address, not sure why, might have done the math wrong.  I wasn't charged
for repeated downloads, but I think that might be a quirk of the miner.

It hung overnight, waiting for the retrieval deal with a new address to
finish.  I had a power failure during the night.  In the morning, it
retrieves rapidly to the new address.

The long sequence is a field marked as "label" in the output of "lotus
client get-deal" .  It's also called the "payload cid" on lotus.tools (a
website), but the term "payload cid" appears to have some ambiguity here,
not sure.  I think it relates to recording the storage deal on a blockchain.


Another way to get the deal is from the chain state via its deal id of


So all you need appears to be the deal id, but probably good to include
something cryptographic, too.  I can review other people's data by changing
the deal id:

lotus state get-deal 2210176

Then data can be retrieved using the label and the provider fields, passed
to lotus client retrieve .



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