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Sun Jul 18 05:20:10 PDT 2021

"This is a lot for a single person to take in one trip.  I think we've
found them all now, and I'd be happy to help carry them there.  Hey, have
you ever heard of a blockchain?"

The disguised vivisectee had left some uncollected, in offices and rolled
down the hallway, the other way.

"Thanks."  Rebel Worker 2 groaned a little.  "A blockchain?  There are a
couple groups at the cafe who chat and work with those.  Have you been to
the cafe?"

Upon hearing of a cafe, Vivisectee Disguised as Neighbor's Secretary jerked
their body, and a tape began tumbling out of their arms. They quickly
grabbed it.

"One moment!"

 The vivisectee popped quickly into a bathroom they were passing.

In the bathroom they began to quickly exchange bodies with another
vivisectee. When they confronted them, they burst out "There are blockchain
people at the rebel cafe!" before spewing microchips and biomatter from
their brain and body.  The waiting new vivisectee exclaimed, "squishy ???"
and broke apart as well.  The semblence of the neighbor's secretary lay on
the bathroom floor, temporarily motionless.
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