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Rebel Worker 2 walked down the hallway carrying a heaping armload of discs,
tapes, mp3 players, cell phones with youtube archives etc etc.

Rebel Worker 2 bumps into Vivisectee Disguised as Neighbor's Secretary.


"Oh I'm sorry!"

About a fifth of the material falls to the floor and tumbles around.  Some
rolls into others' offices.  Some slides under locked doors.  One of the
locked doors has a meeting going on.

Some of the archived material is part of a project to collect together some
of the recordings of the exposed brain implants.  Most of it is just random
cover material.  The vivisectees often work for McBoss to use the random
cover material to track the rebels.

"Oh no!  Let me help you ...  Where are you taking all these files?"

Vivisectee Disguised as Neighbor's Secretary lent down and began gathering
the scattered objects up.

"The archive room.  These are important datasets McBoss asked to preserve."

The archive room is a well-orchestrated front for an incinerator.  There is
a party in the back where cleanup workers pretend the archives are murder
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