Suspect WL cypherpunks working as agents

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Jul 18 00:07:13 PDT 2021

Our fellow punk, Batshit Crazy , has raised the possibility Jake A may have been working for the pentagon. 
It seems uncontroversial to say his BFF, Julio Assangista was ( since 2013 )

So this raises questions over Andy Muller Maguhn and Jeremie Zimmerman.

Were these ' new wave ' c-punks all in on this? 

Andy appears to be judging by his continued liasons with known bad-actor, Assmange.

Jeremie may have distanced himself somewhat. 
All this complicated by the love-triangle here between Karl Semitch, Batshit and Jakob.

But we owe it to our collective security to thrash these things out - yes?

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