Suspect WL cypherpunks working as agents

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Sun Jul 18 08:58:49 PDT 2021

On Sun, 18 Jul 2021 07:07:13 +0000 (UTC)
professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:

> Our fellow punk, Batshit Crazy , has raised the possibility Jake A may have been working for the pentagon. 

	it's not a possibility. All tor employees are paid by the US military, not to mention the fact that tor was created by a turd who happens to own this mailbox : paul.syverson at nrl.NAVY.MIL

> It seems uncontroversial to say his BFF, Julio Assangista was ( since 2013 )

	based on what evidence? The only 'evidence' you have is that appelbaum defends assange? That doesn't prove much if anything. 

	On the other hand the fact that the pentagon has been persecuting assage and manning for publishing information about a tiny amount of US crimes against humanity would suggest that assange isn't working for the pentagon.

> So this raises questions over Andy Muller Maguhn and Jeremie Zimmerman.
> Were these ' new wave ' c-punks all in on this? 
> Andy appears to be judging by his continued liasons with known bad-actor, Assmange.
> Jeremie may have distanced himself somewhat. 
> All this complicated by the love-triangle here between Karl Semitch, Batshit and Jakob.
> But we owe it to our collective security to thrash these things out - yes?

	I don't know about those two and I don't much care. At any rate you can put cpunks who don't clearly explain what tor is in the list of suspicious people. 

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