C-punk solidarity

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jul 16 00:23:55 PDT 2021

Keep in mind that I was in prison (mostly) from May 1997-April 2000, and all from December 2000 though December 2009.  And then, from May 2010 through March 2012....'

14 years?  I thought it was 12 - My Bad.

Now may I remind you two C-punks tried to get you out?

CJ, in the late 90's and myself from 2000 to APRIL 2012!

Had CJ's ' Dead Lucky ' gone viral he might have saved youse over a decade. Then had my regular deadpools on the POTUS made every year from 2000 without exception and ongoing gone viral at any time of your last 11 years you would have been freed ( or maybe killed - but you knew the risks going in and signed a ' release' with your essay. 

ASFAK CJ and I were the only two punks that stuck our necks out for you. JYA may know more on that but some punks made sympathetic noises for one or more of us and that was it.

I would be happy to be corrected on that as I'm tired of seeing so much carpetbaggery going on from such a circle of woeful eunuchs.  Solidarity in my world is a reciprocal arrangement.

I don't know about you sometimes when you won't even answer a simple question.

Like I've asked you twice now what you think of Stiffs Dotcom...


Don't tell me you want to join the circle-jerk.

Today looked pretty good for you too - Pay Pal upping their ante to 100k - USG talking up bounties. 
Shame if you blew a gasket on the last lap - one day - when you're as old as me you might learn something about anarchy. ANARCHO-anarchy - not that Rothbard-Mises BULLSHIT.

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