C-punk solidarity

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 05:03:29 PDT 2021

Hey PR,

I know this wasn't for me, but I wanted to share that it was really
pleasant to read of efforts between people trying to help each other.

I also wanted to related that, to me, stiffs.com looks scary.  After AP and
other less-charged works struggling so strongly, mainstream efforts being
able to do that right in front of people's faces, with no cryptography
backing it and no way for people to avoid a honeypot ...

It feels like some mafia trying to beat cryptocurrency up.  Why so much on
death?  Why do it in such a poorly secured, non-anonymous way?


I don't know about you sometimes when you won't even answer a simple
> question.

Shame if you blew a gasket on the last lap - one day - when you're as old
> as me you might learn something about anarchy. ANARCHO-anarchy - not that
> Rothbard-Mises BULLSHIT.

Similarly, like, anybody who really knows about anarchy is dead or learned
long ago never to talk.

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