JIM Bell is now a giant dead weight on our great cypherpunk revolution

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jul 15 17:25:52 PDT 2021

JIM BELL asks...

Where was the discussion where people concluded that Assange was a "fascist"?  

Julian Assange recognised that the language of what amounted to the WikiLeaks Manifesto might appear a little “overblown”. He recognised that it had about it too much the flavour of “anarchy”. But in general when it was written he was pleased.
John Young was not. In early January 2007 he decided that WikiLeaks was a CIA-backed fraud. “Fuck your cute hustle and disinformation campaign. Same old shit, working for the enemy … Fuck 'em all.” “We are going to fuck them all. Chinese mostly but not entirely a feint,” Assange cryptically replied..."


And, as you lean Libertarian Party USA, JB...


Plenty more where that came from. Going by Jacob Appelbaums description of Tim May as fascist, there is as much - or more - evidence Julian Assange is one.  Caveat lecter.

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