[wrong][ot] Pretending to Support Slavery to Survive

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 05:22:29 PDT 2021

Bonzo steps out of their delusion.


Uhh I want to bring therapist back to life but honestly I'm not remembering
all the parts of bonzo's behavior all of a sudden, normal for me obviously.


Thinking of learning a software language.

Now thinking of keeping the thread content a little similar to the thread
subject, which is always nice.



I am definitely interested in surviving, especially with reduced
suffering.  I have trouble supporting slavery because I can forget my own
views and values very easily, and I am "allergic" to harming people too

Now, there is great reason to support slavery to prevent harm!  Slavers can
harm people less, in certain situations, when slavery is supported.


Slaver: "Please support slavery."

Individual: "Uhhh I infer you'll enslave me and my family and friends if I
don't!  What does that look like, supporting slavery?  What do you need
from me?"

 Slaver: "I hear a lot of people ask for some kind of secret form of
communication that doesn't exist, and some other secret things that don't
exist.  But maybe what I might ask from you most is inferring something
that is not stated directly."

Individual: "ok um maybe I have asperger's?  I might need to write down
what is being implied, to realise it, if it is something emotionally

 Slaver: "I think I understand what is going on a little better."


Bonzo: "Hello!  Not sure who I'm talking to.  This is very simple:  never
let anyone find out that slavery exists, and never work to stop it, and
then you won't get hurt.  Uhhh and some other stuff I didn't pick up well,
honestly we mostly just go with the flow from a place of terror all the

 Therapist: "I promise not to shoot you, Bonzo."
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