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zeynepaydogan zeynepaydogan at
Mon Jul 12 18:08:14 PDT 2021

Cypherpunks are facing serious problems, some cypherpunks have had to shut up because of their legal struggle, and the state is responsible for them.

The problem is some people still prefer to shut up.Keep quiet about the media printing lies every day? I'm asking why?

An important cypherpunk like Assange doesn't need Adrian Lamo's file to defend him in prison right now.One of us suspects Adrian Lamo is alive. I know this person, his suspicions are correct.Lamo's best friend is also the director of 2600.

She clearly said that he was alive and that it hurt Assange.

Anyway, I[just want to say that]( worked for the CIA (it's a sure thing ).But Assange needs his old friends to come out honestly and defend him and speak now, rather than this information.I hope you read this and come back.

Sincerly ;

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