[liberationtech] Advice on secure phones

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 14:19:18 PDT 2021

> I am tired of these corporations telling us what we can and what we
> can't do with the hardware we bought.

People accepted that when they bought it. That's free market.
It is peoples personal responsibility that if they
don't like a product or company, then don't patronize them,
don't pay support buy signup praise whatever them, and
educate others on why they might not wish to patronize either,
and to go startup creating the products and terms you do
want instead.

> I am tired of these corporations telling us what we can and what we
can't do
> So endlessly tired.
> I'm also trying to liberate
> we really need politicians and others "in power" to DO SOMETHING.

People are tired because they've discovered that they have
wasted their entire lives abdicating themselves and their own
rights and power by choosing to keep putting politicians and
companies and religion and force in power over them and then
attempting to beg on their knees before such intoxicated rulers
to do something. That clearly does not work, has never worked
in history, and there is no iteration that will ever work in the future.
So stop doing that, literally stop doing that, try something
completely new instead.

For a so called "Liberation" list, it's utterly astounding that so few
on it know the first thing what achieving a state of liberation is,
Free Markets, Voluntaryism, Anarchism, Libertarian, NAP, etc.
In fact, they actively fight to keep themselves oppressed by
constantly fighting and censoring the messengers and
messages of Freedom. Then they complain that they're
tired of not being free. Go figure.

Stop begging to putting yourselves under the boot of other people
and GovCorpReligion. Become free beautiful human beings.

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