more starlink garbage

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Mon Jul 12 16:10:16 PDT 2021

	the pentagon puppet musk plans to put 42,000 satellites in orbit EVERY 5 YEARS. Yes, the satellites only work for 5 years and then they are literally burnt. So musk wants to literally burn whatever insane amount of stolen capital is needed to build rockets, satellites, launch them etc. EVERY FIVE FUCKING YEARS.

	And all that so that a few turds in 'rural US' can have 'high speed' arpanet. Of course, it's waaaay cheaper to use ground radios. So what's the actual purpose of this farce? 

	Also, if the pentagon puppet had his way, he would be the figurehead of a global arpanet monopoly. Now ask yourself who wants a global US military monopoly on 'satellite internet'? Is that somthing any half-sane half-decent person would want, let alone a 'cypherpunk'? 

	so how come jim bell and 'grarpamp' are pushing for this kind of utter anti-freedom garbage? Well...

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