Cypherpunks as victims bs

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Jul 9 17:02:35 PDT 2021

Nancy MacLean was once asked to explain James Buchanan’s motivations. MacLean answered, "As an author, I have struggled with this, and I could explain it in different ways. I didn’t put this in the book, but I will say it here. It’s striking to me how many of the architects of this cause seem to be on the autism spectrum—you know, people who don’t feel solidarity or empathy with others, and who have difficult human relationships sometimes."

C-punks are victims. As you read the Mange, Applebum, Semich, Gramps, Batshit, stories, the subliminal teachings pour over you like a bath of molten lead: "Governments have the power. Cypherpunks are victims. C-punks are victims. We are all victims."

The wounded screams echo in my ears.

Weak and worthless timewasters the lot. Their cowardice is contagious. Their lies are old. Their weak excuses precede them and their grave lies open in front of them. 

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