Cypherpunks as victims bs

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Jul 9 21:01:03 PDT 2021

> * have the power.
> We are all victims.

Time has lapsed,
many early actors and philosophers have long
since been bought sold retired and died,
thereby leaving entire generations of newcomers perhaps
not yet aware of the truths of that which surrounds them,
perhaps seeking a mission, to sign onto something with
others moving into action over the junction between
cypherspace and realworld.

Once seekers wake up to any seeded truths, to what is
going on, indeed to any sorry current state of realworld
affairs as the case may be, through whatever means,
which should be a continuous outreach and inreach
endeavour, not one allowed to fallow for any span of years,
the question becomes...

Once the situation is known,
What are you going to do about it?

Cypherpunks rolled out PGP 30 years ago.
That gen and genre soared and faded.

Some idle middle years passed by now and then,
sprinkled with some interesting P2P tools...
distributed nets, messaging, etc

Cypherpunks rolled out Bitcoin 10 years ago.
That gen and genre soared... some left to wealth...
and many important voices faded... but of both,
which among them remain continuing... even quietly
seeding and funding new legion of random cypherpunks...

While such tooling can be useful to those who wield them,
that is narrow and precarious, not mass a effect... tools
themselves often insufficient to accomplish anything at mass,
since the mind of the mass has not awoke and seen to pick
them up, develop, and use them.
Thus many tools simply become just more gizmos and
integrateable components, rusting away in the toolshed,
rather than in a revered museum of what brought in a new world.

And what entities have co-opted, imported and used those
same tools, better than the idle have, to outpace and frontrun
thereby continuing oppression power control slavery murder, etc.

What change has 30 years of philosophies and tools
left to rust in some far off circlejerk corner of the internet
produced in the realworld?

And what since then is now the compendium of vision of future,
what should it be about...?
Digtal Utopias, Prediction Markets, Private Cryptocurrency, CrowdFunding,
Cornucopias full of unstoppable P2P apps for all, SeaSteads FarmLands,
Peace Love Liberty and Freedom from Force for Everyone in your Lifetime?
More new adaptations and evolution to philosophies since then?

Such ideas models and methods can and should be
reprinted, brainstormed anew, refined, and widely distributed.
A worthy project, a decentral deliberation, in its own right.

Yet the question still remains of each and everyone,
of all Cypherpunks...

What are you going to *do* to achieve such outcomes?

The world is full of paths and tipping points, some hard,
some easy, and it is desperately seeking something new,
it just doesn't know what those things will be yet.
Cypherpunks do have some answers to offer, and a role to play.

The future is in your hands.
It's much closer than anyone thinks.
All you need to do is make it happen.

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