Ross Ulbricht got 2xLife+40 for a Harmless Website

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> a pattern repeating everywhere seems to be visible. people are no longer
> accepting of differing views. worse, all differing views are usually taken
> to be necessarily hostile.and more importantly, each of these views are
> formed by an opinion based on information that is not directly verifiable
> by individuals. in absence of trust in the channels (supposedly) bringing
> us facts and institutions of authorities (supposedly) acting for our good,
> what are the possible futures?

look to china for the future:

authoritarian control over truth, no tolerance for conflict.

in pursuit of "harmony" you silence opposition.
contrary opinion is national security threat.

the covid lab leak theory is an interesting case study:

- - ostensibly, the facts pointed toward this possibility.

- - vested interests (researchers doing gain of fuction) then cast this
avenue as solely racist dog whistling without any supporting basis.

- - following suit, powers that be would ban you for mis-info; FB, twatter, etc.

- - later, it turns out facts were available, and said interests
had a self-interest in preserving their research techniques.
(gain of function research is problematic if leaks possible!)

- - lab leak is now a likely source.

- ---

the only solution is to empower the individual -
 critical thinking and self sufficiency.

but people don't want to think - they want to be fed thoughts they like.

this is the crux, and i have no solution :/

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