Cryptocurrency: The Miracle Cure for the Medical Firewall

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jul 5 17:58:37 PDT 2021

>> McAfee spoke about Docademic coin.
> Hard to quickly find information on this.

No it isn't, learn to search...

The overall concept of distributed medical healthcare applications
invested powered paid and donated via distributed cryptocurrencies,
is out there for all who want to develop and adopt it.
Docademic-MTC is but one of the early entrants."docademic"  Docademic-MTC with
Charles Nader, Isao Hojyo Uehara, James Sowers  McAfee on Docademic-MTC  McAfee Uses Docademic-MTC
to Save Own Life  Docademic, MediBlock, etc  Docademic-MTC  Docademic-MTC

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