Cryptocurrency: The Miracle Cure for the Medical Firewall

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Mon Jul 5 04:04:32 PDT 2021

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> > Obviously we need doctors because they're our channel to extensive
> > scientific research and medical lab tests like mris, xrays, eegs, pet
> > scans.  Those things are all behind huge financial walls.
> > if you want to get tested for rare and very dangerous pollutants

I was in a kinda funny state of mind when I wrote that.  Still, open
sourcing things like medical equipment will get more important over the

> Cryptocurrency solves all these legacy walls.

- funds
- preservation and distribution of open plans, tools, algorithms
- most importantly: censorship resistance for dialog

Seems makerspaces help too.

Now you can crowdfund all such machines and research as desired.
> MRI machines don't cost much when spread across enough
> people. And once you buy one, you can keep it running 24x7
> in your community for all who come asking, for little more
> than an at cost, token fee, or even charity.
> McAfee spoke about Docademic coin.

Hard to quickly find information on this.

> > protect us from abuses by corporations, organised crime, and government.
> Dissolve ideas behind their force in denaturing fluid.
> A medical research experiment.

Militaries, dictators, server farms, civilians, hackers, all laying
together in a puddle as they denature.  Those who escaped the featuring
fluid walk the land freely.

Some of the children of those who escaped try to ask the denaturing puddles
how to restart society, or what to be careful of to not make the same
mistakes, but they can't make head nor tail of the strange languages the
puddles use, all about money and computers, military strategies and church
donations, ...

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